Broilers - We offer broilers (meat chickens) fully processed and in vacuum-sealed packaging several times each year. This poultry is raised on pasture with complete access to pasture greens and fed a diet of 100% local organic grain. Each bird weighs between 3-5 lbs and is available on a first come/first served basis. Contact Kelly to receive email notification of processing dates throughout the year. - $5/lb

Layers - Backyard chickens have become very popular in Nashville over the past few years, but many people have a hard time finding healthy animals at reasonable prices to purchase for their family.  Our poultry are raised from day-old chicks completely on-farm with unlimited access to pasture, insects, and 100% organic grain.  Customers can come look over the livestock and select just the perfect hen(s) for their home production. - $20 per bird

Spent Layers - Some families who have become accustomed to foreign cuisine find older layers more to their taste for family recipes.  We offer older layers for live sale to this growing list of customers. *Roosters and cockerels are available at times as well. - $10-25 per bird

Stock - Chicken stock/broth is available for purchase in quart-sized containers.  This stock is made from our broiler production and available at all times in the freezer section of our farm stand. It is lightly salted, but can be prepared with no salt added.  - $3/qt


Butter - Grass-fed cream is whipped to perfection in the form of golden yellow delicious butter.  We offer this highly sought-after product in 1/4 - 1/2 lb containers lightly salted or prepared with no salt added. - $6/lb

Heavy Cream - Jersey's are known the world over for their high butter-fat content.  Heavy cream can be used for home butter production, ice cream, sour cream, cream cheese, and the list goes on and on.  Cream is a highly diversified food that can be used in its prime or crafted into aged delicacies, not to mention a comforting cup of coffee with fresh cream.  Yum! - $4/qt

Raw Milk - Milk that has not been processed is available for purchase on a weekly schedule, or whenever there is extra production.  The typical lifespan of raw milk is 6-7 days before it ages and can be used for a whole host of culinary specialties.  We do not sell milk past 2 days milking, in order to give customers the freshest milk possible.  If raw milk is something new to you, additional options are available for home pasteurization with no special equipment needed.  Contact Kelly for more details and any questions. - $6/gal


Chicken- Our completely free-range flock is a welcome surprise for many customers.  Hens and roosters are encouraged to roam within the pasture, woods, and cow paddocks to find the tastiest insects, seeds, and foliage that keep their eggs the best-tasting you will find.  They are fed a 100% organic ration cafeteria-style along with over-ripe vegetables, spoiled milk, and treats customers bring for them to devour.  They vary from white to brown in color and are sold in 1/2 or 1 dz. containers on a weekly schedule, or as available. - $4/dz ($5/dz delivered)

Duck - The happiest farm animal you will come across are our ducks.  They are entirely free-range and typically follow the chicken flock to new paddocks each day.  They consume more insects than the chickens, but eat less ration.  Their eggs vary in size based on breed and are available in limited quantities.  Duck eggs are becoming more popular because of their distinct nutritional characteristics. - $3/ half-dz


Now accepting pre-orders for winter pork.

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