How it all Started...


In 2007 when our son Hunter was born, we started looking through traditional outlets to find food with integrity that we would feel comfortable feeding to our new precious baby.  What we found was that the options were limited and very pricey.  We were still in the mindset that you needed to get your food from a grocery store, be it Kroger or Whole Foods, but nonetheless, we thought these were our only options.  


Fast forward about 2 years and our daughter Lilly was born.  In that same year, Robert decided to change professions and go back to school, so we were now both commuting to Nashville from Clarksville each day and dropped from 2 incomes down to one.  We saw the ability to afford and provide the healthy food that we wanted for our family become unattainable.  During that same time, I stumbled onto two books by Joel Salatin, "Pastured Poultry Profits" and "You Can Farm".  These changed our lives.  Not only did they make jumping into farming more understandable, but actually made me excited to try it.  During that same time, a farmer who I had met at the Clarksville Farmers Market was giving me encouragement to try farming, and he became a resource when I needed any advice and tools for learning the process.  

Well, jump another year and we found our perfect place on Eatons Creek Road.  The property was in a bankruptcy auction, was neglected, overgrown, and showed little signs of potential.  But, with our limited resources, we were determined to make this our farm


Over the years from then till now, we have cobbled together funds, energy, friendships, and hands-on knowledge that have allowed us to have the farm that we have today.  Without the assistance from local farmers who have helped us with tools, knowledge, and historical perspective on good field management practices, we would not be able to have the life that we are enjoying.  For every individual we have met along the way that has encouraged us, purchased our goods, spent time teaching us an important skill, or just being an objective listener to help solve problems, we cannot say thank you enough.  We intend to pay it forward every way we can!

~Robert & Kelly